Fun and efficient exercise tools for all age groups. Exercising with Inimove will:

  • improve fine motor control, concentration and coordination
  • strengthen hand, arm and shoulder muscles


Inimove makes unpredictable movements that makes it attractive to exercise.

The aim is to get all the discs aligned in a vertical tower. There is a full range of exercises to make it gradual more challenging.

Inimove may be used for the rehabitilitation of stroke, other brain injury, hand, arm and shoulder injury, but also for hypermobility and ADHD.

Studies have shown that stroke patients perform 17% better in rehabitilitation after only 4 weeks of training with Inimove.

Inimove Complex:             Inimove Snake:                 Inimove Complex Duo:
4,6 and 8 discs                  8, 12 and 16 discs            8, 12 and16 discs

Inimove Hand:                  Inimove is made of
2, 3 and 4 discs                varnished  beech

Inimove Brochure

Training guide.

More infomation  by mail or on the Inimove site.