Dabir Surfaces brings the alternating pressure matress in a new slick low profile to the operation room.

The miniaturisation of the pressure chambers offer a stable position of the patient, also in extreme positions. This makes Dabir Surface suitable for the operation room.

For longer procedures, it is recommended to re-position the patient every 2h of anesthesia time to prevent the onset of pressure injury. It seems very challenguing to pause the precedure every time for this purpose. An alternating pressure matress offering a stable position is thus a good alternative.

It is clinically proven that Dabir Surfaces dramaticaly reduce the onset of pressure injuries.

Dabir Surface is simply placed on the OR table matress and covered with a blanked as usual. Once the patient under anesthesia, switch on the controller till the end of the procedure. Dabir Surfaces are limited reusable.

Dabir can be combined with under patient warming systems and with TrenGuard.

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