Silver coated bandage materials


PADYCARE is a complete assortment of bandage materials and clothing made off silver coated polyamide fibers.


For whom

PADYCARE is recommended for all Atopical Eczema (AE) patients.

Working mechanism

PADYCARE is active through longterm direct contact with the skin.

  • Silver is bacteriostatic
  • Silver is a good conductor and yields good thermoregulation
  • The fiber nor the tissue is absorbing humidity and allows the skin to breathe

PADYCAREhas a positive effect on lesions, exacerbations, itching and bad odours.


Silver-Coated textiles reduce Staph. Aureus Colonisation in patients with Atopical Eczema (AE):

  • Significante reduction SA from day 2
  • Further reduction till day 7
  • Reduction remains after stop therapy
  • No difference noted on cotton controll
  • SCORAD lowers  significantly

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Efficacy and functionality of silver-coated textiles in patients with Atopical Eczema (AE):

  • SCORAD significantly lower after 1 and 2 weeks
  • Itching significantly reduced
  • Sleep interruptions significantly reduced
  • QoL significantly improved

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What piece to choose

All attended skin regions need to be covered. Wear PADYCARE as frequent as possible: by night as pyjama & bedlinnen, by day as underclothing. Available assortiment:

What seize

The selected pieces need to adapt closely to the skin, see the measuretable for a help.


Standard machinewash at 30°C, no bleach, no drying, no ironing. At least 200x washable without loss of functionality.

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