Albert Browne (Steris)

offers premium sterilisation control material since 1930.


Controls for automated washing in central sterimlisation department (CSD).

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Controls for the thermal desinfection after washing.

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Controls for the different sterilisation methods.

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Flexible endoscopy

Controls for the automated washing of flexible endoscopes.

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Albert Browne introduced a innovative physico chemical color inducator in 1930: the Browne tubes, still being produced to date.

The offering has expanded since and Browne now has a complete offering for the controll of all steps in reprocessing surgical devices; washing, desinfecting and sterilising. Sterilising with: steam, dry heat, wet heat, formaline, ethylen oxide (EO), gama beam, peroxide (H2O2) or plasma.

As an innovative partner, Care For Health wants to provide an answer to specific care questions for patients and care providers with a focus on safety and state of the art technology.

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