TrenGuard is developed by Dan Allen, the inventor of the original  Allen Stirrup, as a safe alternative for the to be avoided shoulder braces.

TrenGuard 450 Hybrid

Trendelenburg for patients up to 200kg.

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TrenGuard 600 Hybrid

Trendelenburg for patients up to 250kg.

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No shoulderbraces

TrenGuard comprises structureless shoulder pillows that are non weight bearing.

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TrenGuard Components:

a frame that connects to the table rail to position reusable shoulder pillows and a single-use speed-bump on it.

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TrenGuard is fast

  • set-up in 1 minute

TrenGuard is secure

  • no creep or slide
  • no motor or sensor disorders
  • no shoulderbraces

TrenGuard is compatible

  • mounts on all tables
  • for Trendelenburg up to 40°
  • for patients to 200kg (TG450) and 250kg (TG600)
  • for open surgery, Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) and Robot assisted MIS
  • combines with other under patient devices (antidecubitus mattress, Megadyne , heating mattress, …)
  • ecologic (only 300g waste per procedure)


TrenGuard video

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