the German reference for mesh implants and sutures..


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Serag-Wiessner is a family owned compagy that started in 1866. Early 1900 marked the start of sterile catgut, the start of a long history at the top of surgical sutures and derivates: wires, needles, textile implants; non-resorbing, resorbable and semi resorbable.

The SERASIS TOT (Trans Obturator Tape) and TVT (Tension free Transvaginal Tape) implants are over 20 years successful on the market.

SERASIS is felible woven and available in partial or non resorbable material. The partial resorbable SERASIS PA gives the surgeon a good controll at implant and leaves after healing a flexible support in place.

OTO and TVT uses the same implants with own adapted reusable instruments.

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