Cleanius is a design award winning product!

The comfortable bedpan: for the patients

  • Egonomic formed surface
  • Warm contact surface
  • Slow increasing slope
  • Stabelised in the matrass
  • Genitals are covered, not “naked” on the bedpan, less odors
  • Unisex, geemen don’t need an extra bottle

The safe bedpan: medical advantages

  • Vast carrying surface: no decubitus
  • Small opening: no soiled buttocs and eventual surinfection

The ergonomic bedpan: for the nurse

  • Easy to apply and remove, 3 possibilities
  • Easy to correct the position thanks to 3 handgrips
  • Patient does not stick to the surface
  • No possibility to splash
  • No soiled bedlinnen

The economic bedpan: for the institution

  • No soiled bedlinnen
  • No surinfections
  • Patient satisfaction

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