IQ Products

Antibody based diagnostics.

Fetal Cell Count kit

A trustworthy alternative to the Kleihauer Betke test on flow cytometry.

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Quick Quant

A single AB flow test as an alternative for the Kleihauer Betke test.

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HIT alert

A functional flow test for Heparine Induced Trombocytopenia.

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An external control for fetal haemorrhage.

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IQ Products is aspinn-off from the university ofGroningen, The Netherlands. They are the original producers of CD138 (B-A38).

IQ Products offers a full range antibodies for flow in single, double and tripple combinationswith different fluorochromes.

IQ Products is specialised in the development of antibody based diagnostic kits, mainly for flow cytometry.

With the Fetal Cell Count kit, Quick Quant and Fetaltrol, IQ Products has a solid offering in the diagnostics of fetomaternal blood transfusion and a robust alternative to the Kleihauer Betke test.

The HITalert is a functional platelet activation test for Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT). So it is not just an antigenemia test, the test is equivalent to the Serotinin Release Assay (SRA) but just on flow and without the isotopes.

As an innovative partner, Care For Health wants to provide an answer to specific care questions for patients and care providers with a focus on safety and state of the art technology.

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