Visual control of the wash process

    Washer Disinfector Test Soil (2304)

Test Soil is a standardised visible soil with proteins, sugars and fats (as the Edinburg Soil) simulating the normal contamination from the operating room.Apply on the instruments to wash, let dry and wash.  A visible clean instrument confirms a good wash process. Rests of red soil proove the opposite. Recomended for periodical check.

   STF Load Check (Indicator & Holder) (2315 & 2316)

A pre-printed Test Soil to be embarked in a production wash run.A clean sheet proves good wash conditions. Test result is easy to archive. Recomended as a process  indicator for each run.

   STF MIS-Lumen Test (HX100 & HX101)

Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) has taken a substantial portion of the surgical program. The narrow lumens of these instruments have brought a challenge  for the washing process. This test offers a challenge device and a visual check for a correct washing process for these instruments.

   Ninhydrin Protein Detection Test (2370)

A full test kit to reveal non-visual proteine residual on washed instruments.

   ResiTest & ResiTest Pen (3369 & 3371)

A fast test for non-visual proteine residual on washed instruments, also available in all-in-one test, results in 10 seconds, no lab techniques required.

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