designs and distributes innovative patient positioning systems for the operating room with particular attention for patient safety, swift installation and smooth acces for surgical and ansesthetic procedures.


The efficient positioning for Trendelengurg.


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A good alternative for tucking.

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is a face protection for Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS).

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prevents damaging of the shrouds of the table pedestial.

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Dan Allen, the inventor of the original Allen Stirrup, again revolutions the patient positioning in the operating room (OR). TrenGuard is developped as an efficient and safe replacement of the classical shoulder braces for the challenging Trendelenburg position in robot surgery. ArmGuard gives an answer for the AORN recommendation ‘not to tuck the arms’ (wrap the arms in a blanket under the patient). FaceGuard protects the head of the patient during Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) and offers an extra sterila table surface in the operating field. ShroudGuard protects the shrouds of an operation table pedestrial against wrickling.

As an innovative partner, Care For Health wants to provide an answer to specific care questions for patients and care providers with a focus on safety and state of the art technology.

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